Get advertising items

DecideAdItems API

With the DecideAdItems APIyou can request/receive selected item lists using our API. You should call this API on the inventories that you want to serve Ads. Fields (type, num_items, and more) in the ‘inventory’ object may vary depending on the ad serving scenarios. Detailed values for each field should be pre-arranged with the MOLOCO manager before the testing/production serving. To access the API, you need an API key and platform_id specifically for your platform.

To enable API integration test, MOLOCO provides two platform_ids one for testing and one for actual ingestion. Using the test platform_id, you may send test requests and receive test responses filled with the random items selected from your catalog items.


Before API test, please integrate the item catalog data first.

Calling tracker

Once you call the Decision API, you will get the list of the ad items. But how can we check the performance of the ad? As the performance data is based on the ad impressions and clicks, so it is required to track the impressions and clicks of each ad item.

To achieve this, RMP provides tracker URLs. For each item in the Decision API response, there are impression tracker URL(imp_tracker), click tracker URL(click_tracker), and tracking ID.

	"item_id": "",
	"auction_result" : [],
	"imp_trackers" : [
	"click_trackers" : [
	"decision_track_id" : [

After implementing the Decision API, the next step you should take is simply to call the tracker URL by user action at the client(app/web) side.

  1. When the client renders the image to the inventory, the impression tracker URL should be called.
  2. And when the user clicks the ad, the click tracker URL should be called.

As the trackers don’t have meaningful responses, it is good to call these URLs asynchronously.

Graceful fallback behavior

From a Client's point of view, if Moloco sends a response back with item numbers between 0~item_num, the Client can :

  • Decide not to render the inventory if the number of items is 0 or error return or x < min (client’s internal decision)
  • Displays the sponsored ad items that Moloco sends even if small, 1 or min (client’s internal decision)<= x
  • Fill up the inventories by internal recommendation logic.

DecideRecommendedItems API

For platforms that use recommendation engines, you can receive a list of items optimized for users using the DecideRecommendedItemsAPI. For more information, please refer to the developer guide document.